MG High Back Arm Chair

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A high-back chair in black color is typically designed with a tall backrest that offers excellent support for your upper back, shoulders, and neck. It is a popular choice for office spaces, conference rooms, and home offices due to its ergonomic design and stylish appearance. Here's a description of such a chair: Design: The high-back chair is designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its black color gives it a sophisticated and versatile look that can easily blend with various office or home decor styles. Materials: These chairs are often crafted from high-quality materials like leather, faux leather, fabric, or mesh for the seat and backrest. The choice of material can influence the chair's comfort, durability, and maintenance requirements. Ergonomics: High-back chairs are known for their ergonomic features. They usually include lumbar support to maintain the natural curve of your spine, adjustable armrests to alleviate strain on your shoulders and arms, and adjustable height and tilt mechanisms for customizable comfort.


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  • Solid Wood
  • Solid Wood
  • 32 Density Foam
  • SWED
  • GRAY
  • 22 W x25 L x35 H
  • 18 INCH
  • Rectangle
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  • 15 DAYS
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