Zara 7 Seater Sofa

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An "L-type 7-seater sofa" refers to a sectional sofa with an L-shaped configuration that can accommodate up to seven people. This type of sofa is a popular choice for larger living spaces and offers a combination of seating capacity and versatility. Here's a description of an L-type 7-seater sofa: Design and Features: L-Shape: The "L" shape of the sofa is created by combining two sections of the sofa at a right angle. One section typically accommodates three or four seats, while the other section has two or three seats. The L-shape design is excellent for optimizing corner spaces in a room. Seating Capacity: An L-type 7-seater sofa can comfortably seat up to seven people. It typically consists of a three-seat section and a two-seat section, but variations exist where both sections may accommodate three seats, or the larger section may have a chaise or an ottoman for added comfort. Upholstery: The sofa can be upholstered in a variety of materials, including fabric, leather, or synthetic materials. The choice of upholstery will depend on your preferences, the room's style, and your budget.


  • 7
  • Solid Wood
  • Solid Wood
  • 32 Density Foam
  • SWED
  • 96
  • 18 INCH
  • Rectangle
  • 7
  • 15 DAYS
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