Canon Hotel dining table with 4 chairs

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It sounds like you're describing a dining table commonly found in hotels, which typically feature a combination of iron or metal stands and marble tops. This type of table is often chosen for its durability, elegant appearance, and the ability to withstand heavy use in a hotel dining setting. Marble is a popular choice for table tops due to its natural beauty and resistance to heat and wear. It can come in various colors and patterns, allowing for customization to match the hotel's overall decor. The iron or metal stand provides stability and support for the table, and it can be designed in different styles to suit the aesthetics of the hotel. It's important to properly maintain both the marble top and the metal base to ensure they remain in good condition and retain their visual appeal. in this 4 chairs included with free shipping


  • 4
  • iron
  • iron
  • Foam use in chairs (32 Density)
  • SWED
  • TABLE - W24 X L24 XH32 chairs W 20
  • 18 INCH
  • 4
  • 15 DAYS
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