Cane red modern mudda

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Introducing the epitome of elegance and comfort, our Fabric Mudha crafted from exquisite painwood. This masterpiece seamlessly combines timeless craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary design. Hand-carved with meticulous attention to detail, the painwood frame of the mudha showcases intricate patterns and motifs that reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. The deep, warm tones of the painwood are a testament to its durability and natural beauty, ensuring that each mudha is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art. Made in india


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  • Solid Wood
  • Solid Wood
  • 32 Density Foam
  • SWED
  • RED
  • 28 W x26 L x30 H
  • 18 INCH
  • Rectangle
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  • 15 DAYS
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  • Create a unique and personalized fabric, size, and design according to your preferences.

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